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Property Valuation in Perth and Throughout Western Australia

Whether you are buying or selling, it is vital that you know the real value of the property in which you have an interest. Without this knowledge, you are working in the dark and could end up making the wrong decision. To ensure this does not happen, contact Direct Property Valuations (DPV) today and take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. With years of highly relevant experience, our licensed property valuers are able to accurately evaluate residential, commercial and industrial properties in all parts of WA. With our help, your next property purchase or sale is sure to be a success. In addition to buyers and sellers, we also work for local and national financial institutions who may wish to obtain a house valuation before deciding whether to finance its purchase.

Whilst buyers, sellers and financial institutions make up a large percentage of our customers, we also prepare valuations for companies and individuals with different needs. If, for example, you wish to raise finance on a commercial or residential property, you will need an accurate valuation before you can do so. Our ability to reliably assess the market value of properties in Western Australia makes our services in this area very useful to commercial and domestic customers who need to know how much their property is worth for a variety of different reasons. Our team of expert building and land valuers are among the very best in the state and share our dedication to providing our customers with the very best service at all times.

Land & Licensed Property Valuation Perth WA

At DPV, we take the business of property valuation in Perth very seriously. It is for this reason that our services are so popular with local construction firms, lawyers, surveyors, accountants, private investors, finance brokers, and real estate agents. The comprehensive valuations we prepare for clients include information such as the dimensions of the property or land in question, physical details concerning the construction and current condition of buildings, rates, issues that may require immediate attention, and details of other recent property transactions that have taken place in the vicinity. These details are included to put our valuation into context and help you to better understand the local property market.

We can provide a licensed valuation in Perth and the surrounding area for all types of properties, thanks to our team of experts. Every member of our team is a Certified Practising Valuer and a member of the Australian Property Institute. Furthermore, we are all highly experienced professionals who understand the need for accuracy and confidentiality when dealing with the real estate market. Our knowledge of ever-changing market conditions and their effect on prices enables us to produce accurate evaluations on every job we undertake. We are not real estate agents who dabble in the field, we are valuation experts who provide a highly professional service to companies, government bodies and individuals across Western Australia.

If you need to know the true value of a property, talk to a licensed valuer at DPV today.

A : 4 Byers Lane, Dianella WA 6059
T : (08) 9275 1944
F : (08) 9275 1195
E : reception@dpvals.com.au

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