4 Byers Lane, Dianella WA 6059
T : (08) 9275 1944
F : (08) 9275 1195
E : reception@dpvals.com.au


Direct Property Valuations was formed in 1998 as an independent valuation company. Offices are located in St Andrews Estate, Dianella in the northern suburbs.

Our valuers are licensed, certified practising valuers and adhere strictly to professional standards and codes of the Australian Property Institute.

Professional valuation and property advice is provided in the Perth metropolitan area and country town locations throughout Western Australia.

 Our Team:

 Managing Director Chris Szczurowski

  • Certified Practising Valuer
  • AAPI (Valuation) Bachelor Business ( Management) Associate Diploma in Valuations
  • Licensed Valuer No: 532

Director Steve Tucker

  • Certified Practising Valuer
  • AAPI (Valuation) Associate Diploma in Valuations. Associate Diploma in Agriculture.
  • Licensed Valuer No: 624

Support Staff

  • Anita Andersson


  • Lucy Szczurowski